Science Fair

The annual Soli Deo Gloria Science Fair is held the first week of December in McDonough. We are proud to be affiliated with Henry County Regional Fair! has all the details! The science fair workshop is September 22, 2021, at 2 pm online.

All projects must be registered far in advance, $3 per project ($10 max per family). You will need to run your project by our science fair committee chaired by Mrs. Mary Wells (MS Zoology, Duke University) at before you register or start experimenting. Here are the basic types of students competing, in both middle school and high school categories:

    • Home school students who are included on Declaration of Intent forms submitted to the state with residences in Henry County and who are in grades 6-12 may compete, exhibit, and present at the annual Science Fair. Families who are members of a Henry County home school support group or organization are eligible to join with Soli Deo Gloria Home Education Foundation. All projects must be registered in advance and adhere to ISEF rules to be eligible. This involves much paperwork, but our website will help you navigate these and our science fair committee will review your papers along the way to make sure you are in compliance as long as you keep them in the loop: is the address of the committee.

    • Home school students who do not wish to compete may instead exhibit and/or present and receive a certificate of participation.

    • Students who do not have DOIs (considered private schooled students by the state) are not eligible to compete but may exhibit and present their projects if their school of record does not have a science fair. They are not eligible for prizes, but will receive a certificate of participation.

    • Students who are younger than grade 6 may exhibit and present, but again, they will not be eligible for prizes.

STEM coordinator Ann Dorminy will hold a science fair workshop this fall. Please email if you are interested in being on the list for the workshop, if you are interested in your students participating, or if you can help judge or set up.