Mythology and Latin Club

In the great literature of the Western world, many authors allude to Greek and Roman mythology. Previous exposure to this subject benefits students when they run across this in their reading. Competitions serve to encourage this interest. Register with Ms. Bea, the facilitator, by Jan 7, and payment must be made by Jan 14. Email to express interest to

For $6, your student can take the national mythology exam February 25, which is best for those at least in 5th grade. Study materials may be found at

For those looking for an even more in depth exam, students in grades 6-12 may take part in the Medusa for $6 on Monday, March 23. Study materials may be found at

Latin students in high school are invited to register for the National Latin Exam (approx $10). Proctoring may be provided after the Mythology Exam on Feb 25. More information is found at

Study groups and field trips may be organized by the participating students, as well as social events celebrating Greek and Roman culture.