About the group & Our Funding

Soli Deo Gloria Educational Foundation exists to provide educational opportunities to our young people (and their parents). We do this through seminars, competitions, clubs, and circles, as well as other means. This site serves to keep everyone up to date on what we have available. Please don't feel compelled to take part in everything, but do stretch and try something new!

Sometimes we have need of extra warm bodies, called by the kids "cannon fodder" - we are merely asking people to show up so we have an adequate head count for volunteer service, an event, or the like. All that is expected if you are "cannon fodder" is a great attitude and a giving spirit! Please consider helping your friends if you are asked to participate in something you have not tried before. Chances are, if you are asked to be "cannon fodder," you'll have a great time because you have no anxiety about your performance. Next time, maybe you will be the one who wants to have an event - you'll have goodwill built up from the great relationships you've built. And you'll have the experience from helping someone else's project go well!

Soli Deo Gloria Educational Foundation is organized as a non-profit with 501c3 status. Our Tax ID number is 46-4192201. All positions are unpaid, so please be patient with us. Donations go towards entry fees for competitions, copies, and materials to benefit students. Donations are welcome and checks should be made out to Soli Deo Gloria Educational Foundation. Please note if your donation is for a specific project, club, or fundraiser.

Please send checks to Soli Deo Gloria Education Foundation, PO Box 837, McDonough, GA, 30253.

PayPal donations can be made using https://paypal.me/solideogloriahome?locale.x=en_US