engineering Club

Think outside the box

What does engineering club do? We don't do robotics - there are better community groups for that. What we do, and we do well, is think outside the box to solve practical problems involving engineering principles. We write technical papers (as a group), we work on applied math, and we have design and build events even for middle school students to introduce them to engineering.

We compete on the high school varsity level engineering exam. With 2021 Covid restrictions in place, we won both state essay and state multiple choice (applied math) divisions, finishing 4th overall in Georgia. In 2020, we were Georgia's state champions but nationals was cancelled due to the pandemic. In 2019 and 2018, we competed at Nationals in DC and Atlanta, and both times won top ten awards in competitions. In 2017, we missed nationals by a hair but were still #1 home school team in US. In the spring of 2016, we finished first in the nation among home school teams, and were tied for 17th in the state of Georgia! Way to go! In 2015, we placed second among mixed school groups, and in 2014 we were 1st, all in the Varsity High School group division in the engineering exam! In 2015 we were merely second. Congratulations to all!

We will take the high school engineering exam during a good day for the team in late February or early March- max 4 high school people and performance and attendance at other SDG events is considered in team selection.

If you are interested, let one of the math coaches know or Mrs. Ann Dorminy, STEM coordinator,